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Family Tree Discovery (on-line since 2002)

One of the best sources of information for building your family tree is often your own relatives, both close and distant ones. But how can you increase your chances of finding distant relatives?

Family Tree Discovery makes it easy to publish and share (partially/fully) your family tree via the internet. We automatically help search engines such as Google to categorize your family tree content, so that your content appears for the most appropriate searches on Google. Below are two examples where content published on Family Tree Discovery has achieved the TOP Google search result;
Example 1Content: published page of ancestor George William Turpin,
Google: show search result,
Example 2Content: published page of ancestor Herbert Hylton Symonds,
Google: show search result,

When a published family tree appears high in Google searches, there is a better chance that people sharing your ancestors will discover it and possibly contact you with more information about your ancestors.

Other features of Family Tree Discovery include:-
  • publish all/part of a tree (examples, example family name page , example ancestor page)
  • record events (births, adoptions, marriages, census data)
  • show event locations on visual maps
  • upload photo/document images
  • record multiple details per person (e.g. occupations)
  • track sources and citations, and evaluation of information (level of surety)
  • track status of documents and certificates (to be ordered / ordered / received / filed)
  • set up custom one-click reports, tree styles, layout and content
  • list people missing specific data/records
  • edit multiple people in your tree at the same time (batch edit feature)
Registration is free with no obligation to upgrade to become a full member.
Full membership for one year costs only £2.00 with no automatic renewal on expiry.

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